San Angelo ISD Students Participated in Earth Day Tree Planting at Three Campuses

Holiman Elementary Tree Planting - Earth Day 2021

Students at Holiman Elementary School celebrated the environment and Earth Day with a tree planting event on Tuesday, April 20th.

Lincoln Middle School Tree Planting - Earth Day 2021

Students at Lincoln Middle School celebrated the environment and Earth Day with a tree planting event on Tuesday, April 20th.

San Angelo ISD students at Holiman Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School and Lake View High School celebrated the environment and Earth Day with a tree planting event at each campus on Tuesday, April 20th in advance of the annual day dedicated to support for the environment. 

Schneider Electric, a global energy and sustainability leader that SAISD has partnered with on comprehensive infrastructure improvement work, worked with SAISD on the Earth Day celebrations and tree plantings, and donated a red oak tree for the three campuses. Company representatives Lance Wyatt and Marissa Bunce, were on-hand to share information on sustainability and energy-related careers, and to assist students and staff in beautifying their campuses. Schneider representatives also facilitated different types of educational activities at the tree plantings and provided remarks on how students can participate in the global sustainability movement.

“We have partnered with San Angelo ISD for a few years now, and Earth Day is a great way to give back to the community,” said Schneider representative Marissa Bunce. “The students were very engaged and excited to learn more about Earth Day. It was awesome to see them set such a good precedent for preserving our planet.”

One class or group at each campus participated in the tree planting events. At Holiman Elementary, 5th graders in the campus Garden Club joined in the event.

“At Holiman, we have an outdoor classroom that’s already up and going with fruit trees, rose bushes, vegetables and fruits,” said Holiman Elementary Principal Ginger Luther. “This red oak tree from Schneider Electric is actually going to become shade for a larger part of the garden that’s coming later. Our students in the gardening club learn how to preserve our earth weekly as they go from planting to harvesting. The Garden Club really enjoyed celebrating Earth Day in this way and learning more about reducing our carbon footprints.”

At Lincoln Middle School, Mrs. Ramirez’s 8th grade science class joined in the ceremony, and at Lake View High School, Mr. Morris’s Greenhouse Production class participated and learned about careers related to the environment. 

Special thanks to Schneider Electric for donating the trees to improve the environment and reduce carbon footprints, and to the students and San Angelo ISD Facilities and Maintenance team members for their assistance in the process.  The District and students and staff at Holiman, Lincoln and Lake View look forward to the trees thriving, and providing future generations oxygen and shade. Follow the San Angelo ISD Facebook, Twitter, and website,, to stay up-to-date on San Angelo ISD.

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